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Birthdate:Apr 15
Location:Texas, United States of America

Hi. :] I'm Heather Lynn; 20 years old and currently living in Houston, TX. As someone who is such a huge stamping community addict and ADORES talking about and reflecting on herself, I'm having an ironic bout of "What the fuck do I say?" ahahaha~. Personalities are hard to sum up in such a small space, you know? It's every facet of your being; how are you ever supposed to just say, "Yeah, this is me in six words."? I... I CAN'T! Oh dear sweet JESUS!

... Well now that we've covered what a huge dork I am, I guess I'll get to the important stuff, haha. I am now officially an accepted Illustration major of California State Fullerton, and I am PSYCHED. My number one dream is to be able to create and illustrate stories that will garner appreciation from others. I want to captivate audiences the same way I have been captivated by the stories I hold dear. Something about being able to completely immerse myself into a world of my own creation and be paid to think and feel my way through plots for multiple characters just feels extremely spiritual to me. Gets me right HERE, man. ;P Haha.

I love my friends and family probably more than anything else in the world. They tell you not to make decisions based on other people all of the time, but I tell you, it's very hard for me not to. My ideal world is one where we can all be close whilst I still work for my degree and eventual dream job. ... but then, I guess that's almost everyone's dream world. Whatever; I'm still waiting for everyone to move to California with me. Get a move on, bitches.

Overall, if I had to pick ONE thing to define who I am and what is most important to me, I'd say self-expression. For me, there is nothing more important that continuing to carve who I am from the marble of life (check me out, making a semi-deep metaphor XD). I'd definitely say I'm confident, and I'm most always optimistic, and that's because I know exactly who I am. I know what to expect, what to shoot for, what I can do, what I cannot. I understand and fully believe that the only inhibiting force in the entire world is your own attitude, and that you can't truly love anyone until you love yourself. Always strive to be happy, and to keep looking forward to the next big thing. Put yourself into everything that you have a passion for, and you'll find your life full of positive things to reflect on as opposed to regrets once it's over.

... But that's my serious side. THESE ARE THE UNDERLYING FACTS THAT DRIVE MY ABSOLUTELY INSANE ATTITUDE. SERIOUSLY. LIFE. CAPSLOCK. THEY GO TOGETHER. I'm almost never serious; I fangirl pretty damn loud, love four letter words, and have like the world's most open sense of humor ever, so go for it: tell me a joke. I'll laugh. SMILING IS MOST IMPORTANT IN LIFE, TRUFAX.

... Aaaand that's me in an extra large nutshell. :D Hey, everything is bigger in Texas, INCLUDING MY EGO AND CAPACITY FOR TALKING ABOUT MYSELF, WHAT CAN I SAY?

Ravendor, through and through . INFP . Not shy, just introverted . Loves to collect toys centering around fandoms . Doesn't believe in limits- you can do anything you put your mind to . Pro GLBT rights . Pro choice . Has opinions, but is not pushy about them . Tries to be mature, but is still learning . Believes happiness is the most important thing in life . Recovering fat chick . Loves to read... when she can pull herself away from the internet long enough . Pansexual . Feet on the ground, head in the clouds . Hot-headed . Old-school cartoon fan . Aspires to create a memorable story one day . Loves to decorate and embellish . Would die without music . Loves the beach . Stays up til all hours of the morning, but enjoys the sunrise the most . Hates being disliked like the plague . Trying to get over the incredible tendency to want instant gratification in everything . Loves rainbows . Stamping ADDICT . Idealistic . Loves to self-analyze . Roleplayer for 10 years . Addicted to sorting everyone, real or fictional, into Harry Potter houses . Fascinated by human emotion . Year of the Dragon . Total nerd, and proud . Forever a work in progress

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